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We have personally tied these coins for you with red ribbon, focussing on intentions of wealth and prosperity.


Traditionally, a cluster of three coins in an auspicious location can boost positive Chi and prosperity in your business or home. The round shape of the coin signifies Heaven and the square opening symbolises Earth.


The fronts of the coins, the yang side, are inscribed with four characters, flanking the four sides of the opening. This is the side that should always face out when the coins are used for feng shui.

The back of each coin, the yin side, has two characters. Yang characters denote the dynasty and the sentiment of the emperor - commonly meaning peace, prosperity, and protection.


Coins should be "cleansed" before setting them in position. One way to clear old energy from the coins is to set them in the sunlight or the moonlight for a full day or night.

Keep your coins dusted so their attraction to positive energy remains strong.


Please, refer to a Feng Shui Bagua Map for the best placement of the coins in your home or workplace.

Three Antique Chinese Feng Shui Lucky Coins

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