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Model/TV presenter

"Paolo has healing hands there is no doubt about it. I like to have weekly reflexology sessions with him as I'm always rushing around trying to do a million things and seeing Paolo keeps me calm, grounded and gives my immune system the boost it needs. 

He also does an amazing facial reflexology treatment that stimulates all the muscles in the face for a truly lifting and plumping effect. I would recommend booking a 2-hour appointment with Paolo and letting him work his magic... You won't regret it."


TV presenter

"Paolo gave me reflexology treatments throughout my pregnancy and still today!
During pregnancy, my body was full of aches and pains. I felt sluggish and tired, especially in my third trimester.
I found reflexology really invigorated my system. So I started to feel more relaxed and re-energised. After the baby reflexology seemed to help with any remaining water retention and kept me feeling balanced and calm after the craziness of a newborn...
Paolo is the 8th wonder!!!"


TV presenter

"I can't tell you what it is that Paolo does, or how he does it, but I feel and sleep a million times better after an hour on his table.

He's one of London's hidden treasures."



"Paolo treated me during and after pregnancy and I must say he was my saving grace.
However busy, tired, uncomfortable I was, Paolo managed to relax me and keep me calm during a stressful time!
I like to call him "magic hands" as that's how they feel. His energy as a person also helps! He is warm, funny, kind and calm. I have continued to receive treatment with him and I look forward to every visit!"



"I love having reflexology with Paolo, not only is it incredibly relaxing but makes me feel fantastic too. His experience and enthusiasm are invaluable and I know I will feel ten times better after leaving his treatment room."

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