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We'll make our next batch during the next Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23rd.


Our 50ml bottle 


MOON MIST is an Aura Spray made exclusively once a month on the night of the full moon; we use the purest crystal water bathed in the moonlight to harness moon energy, along with flower offerings and a selection of crystals to amplify the vibrational response of the moon water.


Its unique scent is the result of a rich blend of organic, ethically sourced essential oils, with high-grade perfumer's alcohol to lock in the fragrance and a pinch of Himalayan rock salt to preserve it.


Moon Mist can be sprayed around the body before and after meditation/yoga sessions, during stressful times, before going to sleep, or just to clear stagnant energy in a room.

Objects and crystals can also be sprayed when cleansing and recharging are needed.


Only Organic and Ethically Sourced essential oils are used.

The main scent is:


Palo Santo - Used in South America by shamans for its powerful cleansing and purifying power. It was used for stress and anxiety, and to inspire creativity. It evokes protection, love and good fortune.


Main Crystals used:


Clear Quartz (or Master Healer) helps to cleanse the energy around you, transforming negative ions into positive ions. It reduces radiation from electronic devices bringing strength and clarity to the intellect.

Smoky Quartz - Used for grounding, protecting and balancing the energetic field.


Rose Quartz (or Love Stone) - Brings feminine energy and compassion, and helps open

up to unconditional love.


Other crystals are added in relation to the specific full moon and time of year to strengthen the making of the Aura Spray.

MOON MIST Aura Spray - 50ml


    If you have an allergy to any essential oils or alcohol this product is not suitable for you! 

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