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Contains 20 pieces & a ceramic cherry blossom incense holder.


Its gentle, deeply relaxing and long-lasting scent is made up of eight aromatic herbs and plant extracts rolled into Lokta paper, a handmade rice paper derived from the Daphne-Boula shrub.


Ingredients: Salla/Chidpine, Dhupi/Juniper, Chandan/Sandalwood, Sal Dhup (chop)/Sal (Rosin), Kopoor/Champor, Jatamansi/Spikenard, Green dhupi/Juniper.


Burning time: approximately 15 mins.

Swipe to see pics and time-lapse video for instructions.

ASTASUGANDHA Handmade Nepalese Rope Incense + Ceramic Cherry Blosssom Holder

Only 8 left in stock
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