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Our Vitality Set was created to support and help you in your manifestation/meditation.


The creativity-stimulating Carnelian Palmstone is the ideal companion to your cleansing rituals; easy to hold in your hand or carry in your pocket, this crystal restores vitality and motivation, and gives you the courage to make positive life choices by trusting the process. Carnelian can clear stagnant energy and cleanse other crystals;


Our Ethically Harvested Dried White Sage has been used in rituals by Native American Shamans for centuries and it's the perfect complementary tool for cleansing before meditation;


Our Ethically Harvested Palo Santo (3-piece bundle) comes from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It is one of the most popular space clearing tools known for neutralising negative, stagnant energy and for improving concentration and creativity.


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