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MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN protects against negative psychic energy from other people as well as psychic attacks from other entities. It is an abundance stone, reminding us that our financial health and well-being are important too and that we deserve to have security and enjoyment;


PICASSO JASPER is a powerful crystal for the spirit and mind. It challenges us to activate our whole brain, allowing our intuition, imagination, creativity and analytical skills to merrily dance together for our Higher Good;


RED AVENTURINE's connection to the heart chakra will help you with self-love and acceptance, while also increasing your love for others. The connection to the root chakra will help you feel grounded and centred;


GREEN AVENTURINE has anti-inflammatory powers, great for skin conditions. It's said to bring luck and manifest prosperity;


CLEAR KUNZITE is used for stimulating your crown chakra and your heart chakra and giving you high vibrations and spiritual attunement.

Crystal Collector Set 8

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