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CORAL JADE Sphere, A-Grade (China)

These are some seriously stunning and luxurious pieces made of Fossil Coral that has crystallised into these very solid but delicate-looking Jade stones; polished to a high finish, the spheres reveal a wonderful, almost lace-like texturised surface.


CORAL JADE is known to bring the bearer clarity and make them aware of all the opportunities available to them. Its ability to clear one's mind allows for self-discovery and helps one direct their efforts onto the path they're meant to be on and what they wish to achieve.

Coral Jade promotes feelings of courage and confidence, and increases positivity and enthusiasm.


Select your favourite Coral Jade Sphere and size from the dropdown menu on this page (while stock lasts).


This stone resonates with the Heart Chakra.

CORAL JADE Sphere, A-Grade (China)

PriceFrom £50.00
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