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SPA JUNKY......on Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is a relatively new treatment and claims to be just as effective in face-saving as it is in treating your health. I’m eager to test the claim, as I rarely find therapies that truly straddle both categories. I was first introduced to what one journalist has called the “Better than Botox” reflexology facial lift by my gorgeous Swedish girlfriends, who swear by Paolo Lai. They tell me that his magic hands and jade rollers smooth out crow’s feet, tighten the jaw and rid you of puffiness. Given the week I have had, of late nights and travelling, it sounds like just what I need before my dinner party tomorrow.



Top 10 Facials


No 7.  Facial Reflexology with Paolo Lai.

A true master of reflexology who uses his powerful hands to lift and firm like no cream possibly ever could. Not only is he very spiritual (he does angel card readings and uses crystals) but he is a real whiz at rejuvenating. His Japanese Cosmo Lift works wonders on tired skin by working the muscles beneath the skin’s surface. For best results, we recommend having a treatment with Paolo a day or two before a big event or party to get your face looking red-carpet worthy.

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